Riot's new game Valorant is a typical FPS (First Person Shooter) 5 V 5tactical game, merely as same as CSGO, but with a twist. The characters in Valorant have abilities in order to dominate the game. As people may call it "CSGO with an Overwatch" touch because the game mostly depends upon aiming, recoil control, and map-knowledge rather than abilities. Cutting CS: GO's 16 rounds to just 13 is a positive change that reduces the overall match length but not at the expense of giving teams enough time to figure each other out.

Valorant's ults aren't as big and instakill as Overwatch's, Although you earn ult points by registering kills or by dying, Valorant also makes them a static resource on the map, an incredibly uninspiring piece of design. Collecting these small orbs from their set positions on the map is the most bolted-on part of the game right now.

Currently, the game is in its BETA version and can be claimed via watching streamers playing Valorant on Twitch who have "Drop Feature". The chances of these drops are mostly common in spectators watching from North America and the European region, but still, the game is in its beta version, making its server limited to only certain regions which makes it nearly impossible to play in Pakistan, as the player would face high pings and losses, depending on the varying ISP's. The game is still expected to be released between July to September 2020 according to PC Gamer and most probably will be free to play.

For more info visit : Play Valorant

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